Digital Transformation Consultation Services

Driven by three major innovations IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data analysis, digital transformation enable complete digitalization of business processes, unparalleled operational efficiency, and a disruptive business model approach.

Consultation Services

We provides custom services for your business digital transformation with full support according to the your business phase, from consulting, formulating a business vision, organizing issues to developing the optimal solution.

Internet of Things

Improving the quality of life with sensors and IoT devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Create breakthrough in productivity for your business.

Big data

Find the right solutions to capture all of the organization's data.

Internet of Things

Customized Hardware

Utilizing low-cost sensors with in-house machine learning algorithms to calibrate and enhance data quality.

Data Server

Providing cutting-edge data management technology for data collection, process, saving, and publishing.

Data Visualization

Customized web-based and mobile application (iOS, Android) solution for data visualization and analysis.

Artificial Inteligence

Natural Language Processing

Providing processing technology that analyzes the meaning of human natural languages.

Text сlassification
Sentiment analysis
Text-to-Speech/ Speech-to-Text
Generative language modeling

Image/Video Processing

AI ​​recognition technologies that extract information from images and videos.

Object detection/recognition
Face verification
Pose estimation
Hand gesture recognition
OCR/ OCR in the wild

Speech Processing

Enablening program to translate, recognize, and interpret human speech.

Audio classification
Sentiment analysis

Recommendation System

Breakdown product and user behavior characteristics to create personalised experiences.

Collaborative Filtering
Content-based Filtering

Generative AI

Generating content from prompt.

Text Generation
Image Generation

Earth Observation Processing

AI-powered geospatial solutions leveraging satellite, drone, and aerial data to industry, public sectors, and NGO.

Crop monitoring
Land cover/Land use change
Air pollution monitoring
Disaster risk

Big Data


Hosts everything in-house on your business' computers and servers.


Working with popular cloud services such as Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure.


Air Pollution Monitoring Network

Award-winning solution that use low-cost sensors calibrated by in-house machine learning algorithms to provide information on air quality. Winner of The 2017 Vietnam Climate Innovation Start-ups.

Vehicle Plate Recognition

Automatic license plate recognition as a service (ALPRaaS) with ability to detect stationary and fast-moving vehicles. Applicable to intelligent transportation system such as automatic car check-in.

Brand Health Monitoring​

Providing depth insights on how customers perceive a brand's product or service by extracting information from social media channels.

Size Grading System of Fruits and Vegetables

Size & weight grading of fruit and vegetable was performed automaticaly by processing top-down RGB-D image using AI with relative error less than 5%.

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